Bachelor of Architecture

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A Bachelor of Architecture provides learners with a college education in areas such as construction design, regional and city planning, and building development. There are many different facets of the industry and just as many schools with unique specialisations for students desiring to focus their education in a distinct area. There are also programs providing a more foundational education for those who do not have a particular specialisation in mind.

What Is a Bachelor of Architecture?

A Bachelor of Architecture provides the framework for an academic and professional future by allowing career-focused students to enter the architecture workforce after graduation. This degree can open doors to a wide variety of architectural and design-related career options in the industry. While specific courses vary between schools and program specialisations, architectural scholars commonly enroll in lecture and workshop-type sessions. Some examples of classes in the programs may include:

  • Computer applications and descriptive mathematics
  • Design, structure and history of architecture
  • Environmental and building technology
  • Applied parametric design and systems integration
  • Digital fabrication for interior architecture
  • Architectural culture and history
  • Literary and critical studies of architecture

The Bachelor of Architecture provides a firm foundation for specific skills, and the broad concepts necessary for studying professional architecture at the graduate level. It also establishes a solid understanding of the field of architecture.

What Are the Benefits of Earning a Bachelor of Architecture?

Architecture is a creative, interesting, and demanding field with constantly evolving technologies and trends. Every project is different and comes with a unique set of challenges. Architects design healthy and safe environments that improve the quality of life. There are other numerous advantages for students to consider enrolling in a Bachelor’s of Architecture program. Some additional benefits of earning a Bachelor of Architecture include:

  • Having an accredited degree is essential for meeting the requirements of architectural licensing examinations.
  • Graduates possess the skills necessary to succeed in high-demand architecture-related work environments, such as construction and project management.
  • It is a pre-requisite for enrolling in architectural graduate degree programs.
  • Internship opportunities exist to explore working in the industry while completing the degree.
  • Studying an architecture degree will give you the qualifications and technical skills necessary for a professional career in architecture.

Career advancement depends on professional skills and on-the-job experience, but most architects continue to study for professional qualifications throughout their careers.

What Kind of Career Can You Expect With a Bachelor of Architecture?

Career possibilities abound for students earning a Bachelor of Architecture. Most graduates work as architects for the local government in the public sector or in private practices. Some of the jobs included in this field for students earning a Bachelor of Architecture are building architects, urban and rural planners, management consulting, interior design, and computer-assisted design (CAD) managers. Depending on the country in which they opt to work, certification and licensure may be necessary.

CAD managers supervise and train CAD drafters and operators who prepare drawings for product components and building designs. They are also responsible for managing electronic templates, databases and filing systems. While a variety of drafting specialisations exist, most CAD managers work in the engineering and architectural-related fields.

A historic preservationist is another career alternative for students earning a Bachelor of Architecture degree. They keep public areas safe, sustainable and enjoyable. They also identify, save, and share items of significance, such as rare artifacts. A few essential job responsibilities include:

  • Performing surveys and inventorying historic structures and sites.
  • Assessing the physical integrity of old buildings and making fiscally sound recommendations for rehabilitation and repair.
  • Producing documents, plans, assessments and drawings to support historic preservation tax credit for owners.
  • Developing strategies with other preservationists for saving endangered landmarks such as preparing grant applications.

While it’s possible to qualify for positions such as a historic preservationist with a bachelor’s degree, educational criteria to become a historic preservationist can vary between employers. It may also depend on your level of responsibility, the focus of the employer, and area of specialty.

Those who want to explore non-traditional professions in architecture can investigate design-related careers in industries such as:

  • Product design (film or theatre production managers)
  • Engineering (Architectural engineers)
  • Technology (software and computer-assisted designers)

You can find Bachelor of Architecture degree programs around the world. Make sure you choose a specialisation, and start investigating your choices today.

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